SMG Stadium Video

This creative video Yokai Films made to give SMG an advantage in outbidding the competition for a new stadium proved to be one of the difference makers, and the client ultimately won the bid.

Fresco 21

To entice patrons of the InterContinental to the hotel’s lovely new Mediterranean restaurant, Yokai followed chef de cuisine Cameron Grant through a tour of his kitchen and inspirations.

NorthShore Merger

NorthShore University HealthSystem and Advocacy Health Care asked Yokai Films to create a video to announce their historic merger with the proper mix of professionalism and personality.

Stanley Cup Tour

Yokai Films created this exciting video to showcase the tour of the iconic Stanley Cup following the Blackhawks 2013 championship season. We followed it wherever it went, and it really got around!

Soldier Field Marketing 

Soldier Field is best known as the home venue of the Chicago Bears, but can be rented for a wide array of special events. Yokai Films created a video that highlighted the expansive hosting options for various large scale events at this stunning facility.

Fortus Product Release

3D printing giant Stratasys was looking to make a creative splash with a new announcement video for two of their systems. Yokai Films collaborated with agency Noble Creative to create this unique 3 panel video that proved to be a big hit in the industry.

Chicago Triathlon

This inspirational video depicting the physical and emotional journey of the participants in the 31st annual Chicago Triathlon was filmed in slow motion to give it a sleek, cinematic touch.


What If?

Partnering with Suspect 7, Yokai Films created an animation that was able to breach the state’s budget crisis in a surprisingly fun way. This campaign helped raise awareness of a real threat to our state.

Respublica Group

Yokai Films worked directly with Respublica to create the script, style, and animation for this unique and sleek animation, which showcases this thriving PR company's catalogue of services and success stories to potential clients.

Space Savers

This quirky, puppet-style animation was used as the promotional launch video of Space Savers' new lineup of refreshments.


Ausdal Financial Partners worked with Yokai Films to create a high-gloss motion graphics video to excite and empower their clients.


Days of the Living Dead

Yokai Films partnered with Zombie Army Productions to relaunch their popular web series "Days of the Living Dead", a horrifically hilarious peek into Chicagoland's #1 haunted attraction, Statesville Haunted Prison. Visit Zombie Army Productions for more.

Action Hero Bootcamp

After an initial blind pitch sizzle video Yokai Films put together this teaser episode with no budget, and an 80 year old woman who never stepped in front of a camera before.


Rock Deodorant

This award-winning commercial is a parody of the brand's competitors, who sell a more "Brotastic" version of body spray.

Heaven is Hell

This film marks Yokai Films feature film debut. After an untimely death, a devout Christian finds her beliefs shattered when she awakens in a war-ravaged Heaven and joins a rogue band of biblical characters battling against a corrupt God and a treacherous archangel. Visit for more.


This CareBears action spoof shows what the show might look like if Michael Bay has directed the lovable series. It has currently racked up almost 150,000 views to date.