who we are




Chris Sato was born a filmmaker - he had no choice. His father worked as a director of photographer for WTTW Channel 11 and his mother is an award-winning filmmaker who once sat between Alfred Hitchcock and one of the actual Warner Brothers at an awards ceremony.

He's addicted to filmmaking - the people, the pressure, the creative discovery. No project is ever alike and he's always up for the challenge.

He's animated snowmen, lived in an abandoned building to save money for a feature film and has constantly made his clients happy during his 10 years in the industry. If you're looking for a creative partner to spark some life into your project look no further than this handsome devil.





Mike Meyer comes from a line of plumbers and farmers.  There was no pre-destiny in his filmmaking career, although his dad loves Turner Classic Movies and he was once yelled at by Mickey Rooney.  Be that as it may, he goes at his filmmaking with gusto, moxy, hustle, pizazz, and all other kinds of depression-era words for "enthusiasm."

The past 10 years have been dedicated to pursuing the love of cinema he's had for the last 30.  From award-winning short films to corporate process videos, from sprawling action features to local car commercials, Mike tackles them all with well-honed skill, wit, and a exuberant child-like energy that's infectious and a little scary for a person his size.

If you're looking for someone to help shepherd your idea through the creative process, look no further.  He's always got an eye on his flock, and has one of those big hooky things on a long stick to keep it on the right path.