what we do

"You make videos, right?" Well, yeah, it is fundamentally what we do. But the benefit of Yokai Films stretches far beyond our ability to press record on a camera and move little rectangles around on a computer screen. We are a creative team of Chicago filmmakers that builds on local and national resources to manifest our own creative visions and art, and we bring that artistry to every project we work on be it corporate or commercial. We serve as creative collaborators with our clients and our process is customizable to suit their varied needs. After all, what works for restaurants, financial services firms, elder care charities, iconic sports stadiums, and haunted houses are (not surprisingly) very different. And we work with them all!

Let's walk you through the process...

PRE-PRODUCTION: It starts with an idea!

Whether it's a fully realized ad campaign or your ideas stopped at "I want to use video to promote my thing," we can take you to where you need to go. Come to us with what you have. Yokai Films guides you through the logistical and creative process of taking those ideas and turning them into a plan to create engaging videos that suit your vision and your budget. We'll work with you to set a production schedule, book the crew, talent and equipment, and take care of all the logistics needed to setup a shoot.

PRODUCTION: Quiet on the set!

Here's where we put our plan into motion. With our experienced staff and state of the art digital video technology, our options are endless. Depending on the needs of the script, we can shoot in studio, on location in Chicago and nationally, or in the infinite universe of green screen. We also work with you on set to field your feedback and show you how what we're doing will be incorporated into the final product. Our equipment allows for a variety of single and multi-camera shoots tailored to your needs and budget, including the Red Epic for a high end cinematic look, and steadicam options designed for beautiful moving shots. 

POST-PRODUCTION: Stitching it all together!

This is the best part! It’s where dozens of takes and sometimes hours of footage gets whittled down to a concise and engaging video, and motion graphics can be added for extra punch. All videos are shared through private links and revisions can be communicated via email or Basecamp, a web-based project management tool. When the final stamp of approval is given, we’ll make the final exports for you in whatever digital or analog formats you need. We are also happy to work with your previously created footage and graphics to edit new video content suited to your most current needs.

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