Yokai Films is a fullservice video production company that creates exceptional video content with a focus on telling a good story. We work with a diverse roster of collaborators and clients ranging from major PR firms and iconic sports franchises to haunted houses and soft drink startups. Whether our clients have a product to sell or a passion to share, Yokai Films employs years of production experience, creative insight, and the latest technology to create impactful video content that tells their story the way they want it told.
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Need to add a little more spice to your PowerPoint? Want to explain your company's long road to success with distinct visual flair…all in 2 minutes? Curious about exploring the world of YouTube ads? We're here to help. Video content is an invaluable asset to any company, providing a great way to communicate information and spread brand awareness in an instant.



Why stop at what you can put in front of a camera? There are many additional creative avenues we can utilize to tell your story effectively. With our motion graphic designers, you that add that extra polish to create a sleek final video or even create an entirely graphicsbased campaign from the ground up.



With so many platforms available to share your narrative work, it's never been a more exciting time to explore the art form. And as narrative filmmakers with a passion for the art form, we'd be thrilled to help! From our awardwinning shorts and commercials to our critically acclaimed motion picture work, we continue to bring our own artistic visions to life on the screen, as well as partner with others to realize their cinematic goals.



Sometimes real life is more thrilling, hilarious, dramatic, downright weird, and allaround interesting than anything a group of television writers could conjure up. Yokai Films has a rich history in unscripted video production from awardwinning documentaries to quirky web series and can help shape real life as it happens into compelling stories.